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Welcome to The Happy Apple Podcast, bought to you by me, Katie King aka The Balanced Nutritionist. I live in Brisbane, Australia, but I work via telehealth so I reach people all around Australia and occasionally abroad.The Happy Apple podcast drops monthly, covering a wide variety of health topics but we ALWAYS try to keep the conversation positive and happy. Food should not be a source of stress.... it can be BOTH nutritious and delicious at the same time. I'm here to remind you that healthy food is fun and exciting and its ok to have an apple in one hand and the occasional croissant in the other! We rebranded this podcast in early 2021, so some of the older episodes will be under the old title 'The Nourished Wrap' - all of the episodes are worth listening too, in my opinion.To access my services, you can visit my website. I have a number of different online courses you can do from your own home or you can book a consultation with me. I also offer workplace solutions for corporate wellness.Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the show.
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