The Happy Apple

Nutrition for Trimester 1

April 08, 2020 The Balanced Nutritionist
The Happy Apple
Nutrition for Trimester 1
Show Notes

This episode is a follow on from our recent podcast on Nutrition for Preconception.
Nicole and Katie discuss their own personal experiences of trimester 1 and incorporate their professional knowledge during this podcast.
Nicole sums up trimester 1 perfectly... with 1 word - 'seedy!' 
This podcast is a little longer than our usual one because we do have lots to say and lots to offer! We cover.....

  • Tips for surviving morning sickness
  • What you should be eating and what you should be trying to avoid where possible
  • Healthy solutions for pregnancy cravings
  • Supplementation
  • People you may want to consider as part of your 'care team.' 
  • Options for gestational diabetes testing
  • And a bit about the physical and emotional rollercoaster we both went through during trimester 1... so you are not alone! 

Tune in and enjoy the show. Obviously, this one is not relevant for everyone but if you do know someone who may appreciate it then share the love! Thanks in advance.